hannah, 20

all i care about is lee pace and coffee


currently watching elementary,
game of thrones, once upon a time, vikings and hannibal


I want to get tattoos and get laid



bryan fuller when creating hannibal: “find me the prettiest english boy you can find. cover him in dirt and sweat and pain and make him talk like he’s from virginia. there should be a dog in this one too. maybe like seven or eight dogs.”



i want pacific rim to be our generations star wars and by that i mean i want six trillion expanded universe novels about everybody that appeared on screen i want graphic novel spin offs and in thirty years i want to be able to complain about the remake

You might also be Erudite.

ha all the quizzes i just did said dauntless! but i thik that’s cos im gryffindor sort of brave more than yo ima jump from a moving train brave

i’m liking the book so far and i hope i like the movies tomorrow!



What was Zeus’s stripper name?

Greece Lightning.